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Summer 2016
he most anticipated hotel label among youths – Hotel Cham Cham was unveiled.
The first adventure-themed hotel in Taiwan is set to challenge your physical limits!

Located inside Ceng Wen Reservoir Scenic Area, the largest reservoir in Taiwan, the hotel is operated and managed by Cesar Park Hotels & Resorts, creating an exclusive adventure-themed hotel for youths.

「CHAM CHAM」,is Tibetan for leisurely, free traveling, outing and culture. It is homophonous with Chinese phrase “Chiang Chiang”
which has the meaning of abundant enthusiasm and powerful energy. The hotel is named Cham Cham to symbolize that the guests will never get tired, as they will return to their homes or work feeling fully recharged, full of energy and joy.

As the landmark of Hotel Cham Cham, the Cham Tower is the first Continuous Belay System High Rope Course in Taiwan.,
Four major adventures and missions are
【Mega Zip】【Free Down】【Sky Walker】【Rock Climbing】,We invite adventurous young people to take on the once in a lifetime challenge for yourself !

 ☞ Top ten check points at Cham Cham
01 / Challenging outdoor adventure facilities
The most popular Cham Tower is the first Continuous Belay System High Rope Course in Taiwan. Having received several rigorous international safety certifications, Cham Tower is packed with exciting adventures that propel people to push their boundaries, particularly youths. The most exhilarating feature is the 100 m long Mega Zip that passes through the entire outdoor landscape around the hotel. It has proven to be extremely addictive for adrenalin junkies.
02 / Indoor – Creating fond travel memories
Unlike the concept of individual or family recreation at conventional resorts, Hotel Cham Cham’s Indoor tests the rapport and teamwork between guests. Main attractions include survival games such as Laser Battle and Puzzle Solving, enabling the players to unleash their wit and physical strength by exploring every corner of the hotel to create dazzling memories with their teammates.

03 / Cham Cham x Qing-Yang Xiao
What inspirations will be sparked between Grammy Award recipient Qing-Yang Xiao and Hotel Cham Cham? Hotel Cham Cham understands youths’ sensitivity and needs towards aesthetics, therefore master designer Qing-Yang Xiao (Ta-hsia Hsiao) was invited to contribute his design elements to the youthful, colorful hotel during the planning stage. As visitors step into the lobby, they are greeted by the 3D art installation “Picturesque Lake and Mountain Ridge” designed by prominent international artist Qing-Yang Xiao. After personally taking a boat cruise to admire the breathtaking beauty of Ceng Wen Reservoir, he was inspired by the shimmering reflections of the surface of Ceng Wen Lake to create his design, where LED lights mimicking ripples project a visual art installation that is imbued with vacuous yet contemporary elements. During the day, night, dawn or dusk, different appearances of the art installation portray an awe-inspiring sight to behold.

04 / High-tech sports wristbands replace traditional room key cards
Cham Cham’s innovation does not stop at leisure activities or facilities, because we have replaced room key cards with smart wristbands to reinforce identification and personal privacy. Furthermore, the wristband integrates value recharge and payment functions for all of the hotel’s facilities, as well as RFID lockers, ensuring our guests can roam free in Hotel Cham Cham with just their smart wristband!

05 / Independent gourmet plaza and stunning DJ bar
Featuring numerous types of cuisines, Co' Here Plaza offers new gourmet alternatives at the hotel. You no longer have to compromise with your companions about what to eat, so just choose something that you are craving for and enjoy your food in a comfortable spot! Serving several main dish like ramen, stewed rice, coffee, afternoon and desserts, the plaza also transforms into an America-style restaurant and DJ bar playing the hippest beats. Let Cham Cham’s abundant gourmet selection whet your appetite and enrich your journey!

06 / Theme party space – Cham Cham suites
Unlike ordinary guest rooms that are mainly used for resting, Hotel Cham Cham’s open, roomy layout is a perfect recreational venue for group travelers, as the private party space is equipped with an enormous cinema projection system for friends to view exciting games or movies together. In addition to more than 15 popular table games, an exclusive, large bar is also available for you and your friends to make the night as exciting and fun as the day. You can stay up as late as you wish.

07 / 0.3 Hectare Coconut Forest Swimming Pool
The coconut forest swimming garden spreading over 0.3 hectares is enshrouded in the misty mountains around Ceng Wen Reservoir to form a perfect picture. At night, the ambiance is spiced up with the infusion of rock music and youthful energy.

08 / Romantic Macaron Garden
Cham Cham is full of romantic and vibrant colors during the day or night, and the macaron-shaped LED lights and chairs are favorite check-in spots for young couples, while the unpolluted, star-studded sky is another mesmerizing reason for their reluctance to leave.


09 / Serene splendor of Ceng Wen Reservoir
Hotel Cham Cham is surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Ceng Wen Reservoir, and visitors can participate in the exclusive boat cruise at the lake to see the legendary small boar that only appears if the four tenors sing “Nessun dorma” in unison. In addition, they can also admire eagles hovering, diving, catching fish soaring back in the air from a close distance here – the only place that offers such a spectacular sight in Taiwan. Furthermore, they can enjoy angling by the reservoir’s fishing platform and enjoy the serene, natural environment surrounded by mountains.

10 / Energetic, professional event partners – Cham Cham men
The most valuable landscape at Cham Cham is people. Cham Cham men are a bunch of professionally trained event organizers who will become your best companion during your travel. They will let the guests obtain knowledge about safety during their adventures and show them the beauty of Ceng Wen, so that at the end of a vacation all are not only left with unforgettable memories but also wonderful friendships.