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    Pushing the boundaries

    Novel accommodation experience unlike anything you’ve seen before, so are you ready?


Challenge your muscular strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, body coordination and agility, as well as your courage to push your limits. Experience the thrill of freefalling from a height; if you like excitement, this is absolutely something you should try, so come on and take the challenge!

  • Free Down

    Take a leap and enjoy the embrace of gravity!

  • Mega Zip (zipline)

    Spread your arms and don’t close your eyes, because the Mega Zip awaits you!

  • Rock Climbing

    Take a breath and challenge your extremes; better yet, exceed them, so are you ready?

  • Sky Walker

    Suspended in midair and balancing with nothing but the rope under your feet, what would be your next move?

let's go ChamCham

“First adventure-themed hotel in Taiwan offers you brand new experience!”

Cham Cham’s professional staff will provide guests with safe, exciting adventures and experiences,
including exploration of local unknown destinations and group competitions, so that you and your friends will be able to share unforgettable and unique memories.
Hotel Cham Cham is located in Tainan, let us demonstrate our youthful exuberance and help you enjoy a safe, exhilarating and carefree vacation!



Let's play withSmart RingExclusive smart wristband – Access to all facilities with the wristband

Cham Cham’s innovation does not stop at leisure activities or facilities, because we have replaced room key cards with smart wristbands to reinforce identification and personal privacy. Furthermore, the wristband integrates value recharge and payment functions for all of the hotel’s facilities, as well as RFID lockers, ensuring our guests can roam free in Hotel Cham Cham with just their smart wristband!!


CHAM CHAM Guestroom

Enjoyable accommodation – Cham Cham journey

Hotel Cham Cham brings brand new accommodations and adventure experiences for you and your friends or family. The plethora of colorful, playful and casual rooms allows you to restore energy and continue your “fun lifestyle”! Check all room types!


  • Co'Here Plaza

    Co'Here Plaza

    Explore the gourmet flavors of local delicacies in the stylish diners at Cham Cham. With a wide selection of gastronomic delights including light main dish, traditional snacks, retro ice delicacies and local coffees, you will be able to replenish your energy anytime within the casual, free dining environment, in order to get ready for tomorrow’s adventures at Cham Cham.



    This is where the young and the restless begin their adventures at night. With a DJ setting the magnificent mood for an evening of fun, friends can chat about the day’s adventure with one another, thereby drawing the scintillating day to a satisfying end.

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