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  • 周邊景點

Ceng Wen Reservoir observation deck

Located about 8.1 km from Cham Cham ,drive about 12 min
Opened in 2011, the “landscape tower bridge” is right next to the Zhongzheng building observation deck, closer to the Fengchuiling toll station.

The original observation deck is located on a small hill and the visitors must climb a flight of relatively steep stairs to reach it. Since it perches atop a hill, it offers a commanding view of the entire Ceng Wen Reservoir and the tranquil lake surface. Now, a modern elevator tower has been constructed nearby, linking to the old observation deck.

The novel, round tower is about 21 m high and reaches out to Ceng Wen Reservoir like a skywalk, where a steel arch bridge connects to the existing observation deck, offering visitors a 360-degree view of Ceng Wen Reservoir’s magnificent scenery below.

In addition, the observation deck also allows visitors to gaze into the verdant, beautiful mountains in the distance. It is believed that the new scenic destination will attract countless visitors from far and wide to catch a glimpse of Ceng Wen Reservoir’s stunning landscape.
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